The overall governance and direction of IRFF is conducted through its outstanding International Board of Directors. The Board meets bi-annually to hear reports on the health and state of the organization and to discuss future directions and activities of the organization. On a day-to-day level, the management of the organization is the responsibility of the Executive Director. Hired by the Board, the Executive Director seeks to develop the financial health of IRFF, support the on-going work of its many chapters, and to open up new channels and networks worldwide so that IRFF can accomplish its vision more effectively.

However, the real work of IRFF is carried out through its branch offices and national chapters. Branch offices come under the direct responsibility of the Executive Director. Branches are free to develop projects and respond to disasters while reporting to the Executive Director for major expenditures and legal commitments. IRFF Branch Offices may also choose to support particular on-going projects of a particular national chapter.

National Chapters, on the other hand, are interdependent and have the freedom to develop, manage and conduct their own projects and activities. Financially self-sufficient, National Chapters are organized by Board-appointed Representatives who then develop and organize the chapter within the legal boundaries of their particular country. Chapters are also free to develop their own networks with like-minded organizations as long as their activities are consonant with IRFF's stated By-Laws and Articles of Incorporation. Chapter representatives submit reports on a regular basis to the International Board of Directors and the Executive Director of IRFF.

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