Eradication of Extreme Poverty

Economic Empowerment through the Capacity Building Programs

IRFF’s primary focus in economic empowerment is currently in the field of microfinance, which has proven to be extremely successful. We distinguish ourselves in the holistic approach that we take in our programs; providing training program for our participants, which includes not only business and finance training, but also character education to promote personal and social responsibility.

Families all over the world have benefited from our programs which support them in starting their own small businesses. The lives of families have been transformed by income earned from small grocery shops, animal rearing, small farms or any other variety of business. With this income, families are able to provide food, send their children to school, and even build better homes. Beyond this, IRFF provides vocational training in such areas as computer literacy and agricultural techniques to provide families with the skills to provide for themselves.

1 IRFF-Nigeria Holistic Microfinance Program Consolidates New Karu, Nasarawa State, Nige
2 IRFF Peace Microfinance Program in Afghanistan
3 Holistic Microfinance Program in Nigeria Abuja, Nigeria. 2008 Report
4 Holistic Microfinance Program in Nigeria
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