International Friendship and Service Programs

 “Building and Owning the Culture of True Love: Heart, Service, and Peace”
IRFF is committed to building understanding and friendship between people of different nationalities, races, religions and cultures.  To this end, we run short term and long term service projects that bring young men and women from different countries together in pursuit of a common goal: improving the quality of life of a community in need.  While serving the selected community, participants learn about the challenges faced by developing countries and the various current and successful methods being employed to overcome those challenges.

1 Service Tour 2010: Costa Rica
2 History of International Friendship and Service Programs:
3 2008 Discover True Friendship Service Tour: South America Edition July 5-20, 2008, San Juan del Alto, Peru
4 Discover Friendship and Service Tour 2008: Africa Edition-Zambia
5 2009 Discover True Friendship Service Tour: Jordan
6 IRFF’s Discover True Friendship Service Tour 2009, Zambia
7 Haiti Service Project 2009, Platon and the city of Les Cayes, Haiti
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